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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 21, 2010 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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what is your last name now? >> stevich. bill: catch you tomorrow. martha: beautiful mom, glad to have her. jenna: we well skopl sawyer. maybe he's watching now. hi, everyone i'm jenna lee. jon: after racking up big wins the tea party is unveiling strategy for the midterms and beyond. jenna: in the middle box, the controversial "don't ask don't tell" policy on gays in the military skopls up for a key vote in the senate. brand-new polls, where the candidates stand six weeks from election day. jon: the big vending machine swit skr-rbgs haroo, how veggies
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will be the big thing. jenna: mike emanuel is live at the white house. mike, what started a buzz about the possible shakeup of the economic team. >> reporter: it was president obama in his own words. he talked about the effect team, some of the tough decisions they've had to make and about the family impact of working in these high stress, very challenging jobs. here is more from the president. >> look, i have not made any determinations about personnel. larry summers and tim geithner have done on you outstanding job as has my whole economic team. this is tough the work that they do. they have been at it for two years. they are going to have a whole range of decisions about family that will factor into this as well. >> reporter: the president's staff says he was not signaling a change is in the works. he's merely showing support for
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the tough decisions they've made and the tough jobs they've had over the years, jenna. jenna: the white house says no major shakeup but the timing of this conversation is interesting, we are right up to the midterm elections. if we were to see any shakeups, would it happen before or after. >> reporter: all bets are they would have to -- want to keep things status quo through election today. obviously in washington we read between the lines a lot. when the president said he wasn't making personnel announcements that's when make people jump. these are high express jobs when the economy has been battered the way it has been you don't expect people necessarily to stay for four years or eight years, give two years to your country and quite often the president of the united states will say thank you very much. the president can use personnel changes to try to change the tone for the next couple of years. those are things we'll be watching at the white house. jenna: definitely a developing story. thank you so much, mike emanuel
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at the white house. jon: just 42 days to go until you'll be voting in midterm elections. brand-new fox polls just out in key races in the battleground states. molly hen aburg is live in washington with that. delaware, molly has been on everyone's radar screen since christine o'donnell won the primary there, what is it like. >> reporter: you were talking about christine o'donnell she has her work cut out for her. take a look at today's new fox new poll. she is trailing chris coons by 15 points. only 5% of voters say they are undecided in that race. also posing difficulty for o'donnell look at the strength of vote poll. this is a measure of how certain voters are that they will vote for a certain candidate. for the democrat, coon, 91% say they are certain of their vote for him.
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8% may change it. 85 say they are certain of their vote for o'donnell and 13 may skhaeupbg it. this mike castle had won the gop primary in this race our fox news poll shows him leading coons 48 to 33%. jon: what about nevada, still a nailbiter there. >> reporter: yes, both scanned dates ticking up a point since our last poll. harry reid 45%. sharon angle has a 1 point lead with 46%, both one point particular up from before. part of re's challenge is that 53% of voters in nevada disapprove of his job performance. jon: in other key battleground senate races the republican candidate high school a wider lead. what can you tell us about that. >> reporter: let's start in ohio, republican rod portman is widening his lead overly fisher. he ticked up one point to 49%, while fisher dropped 5 points to
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36% since our last poll. in pennsylvania republican pat too manyee -- toomey gained a point, joe sestak lost a point to 40%. tkepl skrat jerry brown has caught up to megyn whitman, brown gaining a couple of points since our last poll and whitman falling a few points in california. jon: it's going to be interesting 42 days from now. molly, thank you. jenna: there is a lot of numbers to take in, and we want to take a look at today's political power play, bringing in fox news digital politics editor chris to break down again. some of the numbers we are seeing, chris, what is your biggest take away from what the polls show us? >> reporter: the one thing we can be absolutely sure of is is that the tea party is remaking american poll teubs. when you break it all down, in some states it's been helpful, in some states it's been harmful. when you drill down on these
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numbers as we did for power play readers this morning, what you get to is this, there may not ever have been a political movement outside of a political party that has had the kind of effect on the american political landscape that the tea party is right now. what i'd point you to is in the ohio and pennsylvania results. now she's are states that are not known for wild political swings, but we see there that the support and approval for the tea party is in the mid to high 40s, that is a big, big, number, jenna. that is not something that i would have expected to have seen. what it demonstrates is when you stalk about where people are going this year the tea party message is obviously resonating. jenna: you say for better or worse, we don't know how the tea party will play out in these races. we have seen the range of different emotions and opinions about the tea party and their significance, anything from saying this is a formidable force to really saying this tea party is just kind of a -- this type of election season, this
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trend of this election season and nothing more. you're saying the numbers show something different than that. >> reporter: what it shows quite obviously, you're right we don't know what is going to happen going forward. we don't know what is going to happen after this election. what it does show is that the tea party message, which is, quite frankly, hard to interpret sometimes and it means different things to different people but it's an anti-washington, small government message at the very least and it's opposed to both party establishments. when you get down to that that is very popular and it's tapped into something that perhaps viewers may recall back with the ross pero days. and it can be a really potent combination. jenna: we had a great email question from one of our viewers. how do you decide when you're polling somebody that they will be a likely voter, can you
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answer that. >> reporter: the way a likely voter is on three basic criteria, that is a tkpwr- question. the first one is, have they voted in the past, that is the best indication whether they'll vote in the future. then do they follow the elections close lee. people who follow the news and pay attention are more likely to vote. the third criteria is we ask them to tell us whether they are likely to vote. we take all three and come up with a sampling of likely voters. that is a lot more predictive than polling all adults or srepblg sterd voters. its something we watch close lee and is important because it gives us accuracy in the polls. jenna: you don't have an easy job, chris. the editor of fox news digital. you can stay on top of the latest political developments with chris and everybody else heading into the important midterm elections with the iphone app, you go to you can find a link in the spotlight section of the home page and find all the
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download details. you can be in the know on the go. jon: sounds good to me. an alleged terror plot foiled in chicago. why prosecutors say this 22-year-old wanted to bomb wrigley field. a report on another landmark was in his sights. a new tropical storm churning in the atlantic, janice dean will tell you what lisa is up to, ahead.
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jon: to a fox extreme weather alert, the remnants of hurricane karl are drenching parts of south texas, many people getting stuck in quick rising floodwaters in cities like corpus christi. some had to ditch their scars and turn to sky kwrabg -- kayaks instead. jenna: a brand-new storm is on the horizon keeping janice dean very busy in the weather center.
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j.d. what are we watching here with this tropical storm? >> reporter: i can't keep up. lis a. and then we could see matthew later on this week. there is lisa right there, look at this cluster of thunderstorms around the leeward islands, could that be matthew? it is quite possible. my son's name is matthew and i've always been promising a cute little storm. i don't know this could be a hurricane later on this week. lisa is not really going to cause anybody harm, we love reporting on these storms, eggs expected to become a strong top box storm but moving very, very slowly. and we don't expect it to make landfall anywhere. there is the cape verde islands. named storms on average this time of year we see seven. we've seen 12. hurricanes we typically see four, we've seen 6. category 4 or higher, we've seen 5. we were showing you food apblg
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of the remnants of hurricane karl, still getting that moisture in towards texas. look at some of the storm totals, incredible over ten inches at the corpus christi airport, over ten inches at the national weather service office and close to ten inches in rockport. a lot of these storms with bring incredible amounts of rain. lisa isn't going to do any damage, we're watching computer models. matthew could affect florida, in seven to 12 days. we are days out. the tropical season is still in null swing. this is something we will monitor from the fox weather center. tomorrow is the first day of fall. can you believe it. jon: is it? >> reporter: a hundred degrees in memphis, tennessee. jenna: it doesn't sound or feel like fall. >> reporter: it doesn't. jenna: keep an eye on lisa as well as matthew, hopefully the
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cute little storms like your son as well. if you want to track some of the storms online with january is or get forecasts for your neighborhood you can do it on, 24 khr-rb 7. it's all there for you. jon: prosecutors say this 22 gerald man who planted a fake bomb just steps away from wrigley field had even mortar gets in mind, specifically he wanted to unleash a biological weapon on the city, also wanted to bomb the city's tallest building. mike tobin is live in chicago with more on that. was the public ever in any real danger here mike? >> reporter: it seems the suspect wanted to hurt people he just didn't have the ability. sami samir hassoun, he was a lebanese immigrant and he talked for a longtime about hitting sites around chicago. he started talking to confidential informants for the fbi and undercover fbi agents who ultimately provided him with cash and the fake bomb.
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>> he was given a device by our undercover operations, it was built by the fbi. it had all the earmark inks after an explosive device. everything from his perspective was working and ready to go an set it for a 20-minute explosive period. set out on foot, dropped it in a reseptemberrable outside the bar and left and was arrested shortly there after. >> reporter: it was placed in a trash scan outside of sluggers just about the time the dave matthews cans earth was letting out. there were thousands of partygoers in the street. they never were in any danger, the bomb was a dead. he was scooped up shortly after placing the bomb in the trash can. jon: what does the fbi say he was trying to accomplish, exactly. >> reporter: he appeared scattered. his facebook page says he was executing his business strategy and that strategy appears to just hit so many sites around
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chicago that he ultimately embarrassed and destabilized the administration of mayor daly forcing him to resign. he wanted to hit the daly center, and the willis tower, he talked about putting a virus in lake michigan therefore tainting the city's water supply. it seems a grand oversight on his part is at the time he was placing the fake bomb in the garbage can mayor daily had already announced quite publicly that he was stepping down and he wasn't seeking re-election. jon: mike tobin live in chicago. thank you. >> reporter: you got it. jenna: it's a hot button issue the military's controversial "don't ask don't tell" policy facing a key vote in the senate. we'll tell you who is leading the charge and why. plus alaska senate scanned date joe miller joins us live. what does he have to say about his chances now that lisa myrrh
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could you key -- lisa murkowski is back in the race. we'll tell you next. interesting grooming.
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jon: right now the scene at is prepping for an important vote on the military's controversial "don't ask don't tell" policy. the effort to repeal the ban its facing a big hurdle today. republican senator john mccain a war hero threatens a filibuster and supporters of the bill say they might not have the votes to override it if he does. shannon bream is live on capitol hill. how could this possible filibuster play out today, shannon, what is expected? >> reporter: jon, you know if democrats want to block a republican filibuster they have to get to 60 votes. when the democrats caucus they get 59. we are talking about main
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senator susan scholar insurance. she favors the repeal of "don't ask don't tell" but she took the florida with an impassioned plea saying listen i am asking you not to push this vote or bill through without considering all the amendments that republicans and others that you may object to want to offer. it's an important bill. she is calling on senator harry reid and others saying she is at the horns of a dilemma. she wants to vote for the bill but doesn't agree it should be rammed through without debate that allows everyone to have their voice heard, jon stphaot other key figure in this nasty debate is john mccain. he has pretty serious allegations. what is the latest on that. >> reporter: he does. he says the democrats are playing politics with this very important bill. here is his take from the senate floor. >> i understand that it's not that far between now and elections, but to use the defense bill that has to do with defending our national security interests when we are in two wars to pursue a social agenda and a legislative agenda to
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galvanize voting blocks i think is reprehensible. >> reporter: that's language we heard as well from senator collins this morning too, jon. jon: any chance that the partisan gap can be closed here to get this thing done? >> reporter: you know, folks here on capitol hill certainly hope so. senator carl levin is aeu peeling to them saying remember, this is about our military, about funding them. here is what he had to say. >> while there are some issues on which we may disagree i think we all know that we must provide our troops the support that they need as long as they remain in harm's way. senate action on the national defense authorization act for fist skal year 2011 will improve -- fiscal year 2011 will improve the quality of life of our men and women in uniform. >> reporter: a lot of procedural votes skopling up this afternoon. we will keep a close eye on it. jon: shannon bream, thanks. get back to us.
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jenna: brand-new drama in ask's senate race as incumbent lisa murkowski mounts a write in campaign after losing the primary to joe miller. there are fears a three-way race could seriously hurt the republican party's chances of holding onto that seat. joining us joe miller, gop candidate for senate in alaska. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for asking me. jenna: some members of the republican party are angry, they are really worried about you and lisa murkowski splitting the republican vote and a democrat winding up in office in alaska. how concerned are you about that? >> well, any time that you have another so-called republican in the race there is that risk. fortunately in this race her record is such that this is real -- this has really become a race not against one liberal but against two. we are still confident of the outcome in november, we are working the race hard and it has galvanized our supporters. jenna: how do you prevent her
11:25 am
from taking some of your votes? >> well we just get out a record. in fact we see she is doing a lot to actually gallon virginia nice the left. in fact yesterday at a chamber luncheon in anchorage, berkowitz reached out and endorsed her. the folk that are coming around here are not perceived as conservative, but they have policies of the past rather than recognizing the situation we are in right now. jenna: let's talk a little bit about the two party system. you've called yourself a constitutional conservative. do you believe the way the government is running right now with the two party system is the way that the founders intended it to run or is this country at a political crossroads today. >> it's at a political crossroads in the sense that this nation as a whole, not only here in ask but in many other states week nicest that we cannot go forward with the system we have in great, growing government, growing fiscal debts
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that are making the country financially. and it is time for one of the parties, and i think that is best placed in the republican party to catch that understanding and put into effect a system that reverses the growth of government. it's an opportunity to skhaeupbg what we have but i think the two party structure is going to stay in place. jenna: there seems to be tkeuf repbg degrees of conservatives and republicans, that's where some of the discourse of the tea party is coming from. how would you describe a republican today? how would you describe the conservative policies that you stand by? >> well, i think that republicans are currently, in the congress, for example, those that are up for re-election two years in the senate, those that are facing re-election now recognize that the answer that they have to skhaeupbging the course of government -- changing the course of government is being provided by the people. they are fed up with the direction of government. they understand we spend ourselves into object bailiff
11:27 am
yan and there has to be something different that can put this nation back on track. frankly this is an opportunity for those in power to recognize what is coming up from below. the answer is getting power to the states and that will be put forward after november when new people take office in congress. jenna: you talk about the new people taking office, who are those new people that you think take office? >> well i think that what you see in a number of these races in the lower 48 you see obviously what happened with lee in utah, sharon angle in nevada, o'donnell in delaware. and of course the numbers are greater than that. they are all focused on the same thin that is reversing the growth of government, getting the federal government back down to a manageable level and transferring power back to the state. in alaska we have more opportunity to use the resource base we have here to fiscally get ourselves in a good position so when the federal government pulls back we can move forward. jenna: you're a veteran, today the senate could be taking up
11:28 am
that defense bill that would repeal "don't ask don't tell," if you were voting today how would you vote and why? >> well, i think that the government needs to get out of the social engineering business in the military. the military is best set to makes its own policies with regard to something like that. and i think it's really as senator mccain said reprehensible that politics are being played with our military with the very bill that is to authorize spending for what is so much in our national security. i disagree completely with the approach that is being taken right now. so i would vote against that. jenna: final question here, you know d.c. is not a very popular place, i don't think that is a secret to anyone right now. why would you want a one-way ticket there? why do you even want to get involved right now? >> it's not a one-way ticket it's a round-trip ticket. i'm going to go there. we are going to try to get things skhaeupbgd and once they are i'm ready to go home. this is not about power and
11:29 am
keeping power. one of the reasons why my opponent is back in the race is because liberals have such a difficult time releasing power. this is about changing the government, getting power back to the states so alaska can develop its own resource base without the interference and heavy hand of the federal government. jenna: mr. miller we appreciate you joining us today, thank you so much. joe miller coming to us from alaska today, thank you, sir. jon: iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad is on the stage wrapping up a speech to the general assembly. there he is. you won't believe who he is blaming now for awful the world's problems. a live report from the u.n. is next. more than a dozen states allow their residents to buy medical marijuana even though that is illegal under federal drug laws, so is the justice department doing anything to enforce its own laws? one congressman says no and joins us live to tell us what he wants to do about it. 1965, a lot of good thin came out that year
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like medicare. this year, like always, we'll have our guaranteed benefits. and with the new healthcare law, more good things are coming: free check-ups, lower prescription costs, and better ways to protect us and medicare from fraud. see what else is new. i think you're gonna like it.
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♪ [ animals calling ]nna like it. ♪ [ pop ] [ man ] ♪ well, we get along ♪ yeah, we really do - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you ♪ i could hanaround ti the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪ [ announcer ] when you're not worried about potential dangers, the world can be a far less threatening pla. take the scary out of life with travelers insurance... and see the world in a different light. jon: the top republican on the house judiciary committee is blasting the justice department over medical marijuana. texas congressman lamar smith sending a strong letter to the attorney general eric holder expressing his concern over what he calls the lax enforcement of federal drug laws. they say marijuana is funding
11:34 am
drug cartels along the mexican border. he joins us now. there is a survey showing marijuana use is way up in this country. you think lax enforcement is part of the reason? >> jon i do. illegal drug use is now at a ten-year high. marijuana use is up, illegal drug use across the border is up. it was up 9% just last year. here we had the administration actually directing its federal prosecutors not to enforce federal law and not to go after these so-called medical marijuana distributors that are so often just fronts for illegal marijuana and illegal drug distribution. i don't understand why the administration doesn't want to enforce our drug laws that we have on the books. that's one of the explanations i think for this new ten-year record in illegal drug use. jon: you said that in your letter i want to read our viewers part of it. you wrote to the attorney general i am concerned that the
11:35 am
department's relaxed enforcement of marijuana law in conjunction with state medicinal marijuana laws has fostered the misguided belief, particularly among america's youth that marijuana is harmless. >> marijuana is not harmless. we know that from all the experts. the administration is sending the message that they don't think it's bad to use marijuana, so they are encouraging the use of marijuana. that's not a good thing to do. marijuana is the cash crop that is used by the drug distributors and traffickers in mexico. allowing marijuana to be used increases the drug profits of those drug traffickers, and that is not a good thing to do. you've also got the administration just this last year helping to pass and enact legislation that actually reduces the penalties for cocaine traffickers. they are going the exact wrong direction. why they think this is good for the american people to not
11:36 am
enforce laws with regard to marijuana and reduce penalties for crack trafficking, i don't know why that is good for the american people. we ought to be enforcing our drug laws not backing away from them. jon: i thought you brought up an interesting point and believe it or not it brings into play here arizona's house bill 1070 the crackdown on illegal immigration. >> yes. jon: the federal government sued arizona saying you cannot sue plant federal law and you wrote, how do you, mr. attorney general, justify suing arizona for allegedly preempting federal immigration law and not seek the same remedy against the states who have preempted federal drug laws, let me just finish your line. if arizona crossed a constitutional line by enacting its own immigration policy that conflicts with federal immigration law then so too have the 14 states who enacted their
11:37 am
own marijuana drug policy. >> this they are consistent that federal law supersedes state law why isn't it true in california just like they said it was true in arizona. the administration is not only not being consistent, they are encouraging the use of illegal drugs which is not the direction this country should be going. jon: congressman lamar smith, republican of texas, thank you. fox news alert the republican party of arkansas has filed ethics charges against blance lincoln. they are accusing her of violating franking pictures that is the right to send out mail, government literature at taxpayer expense. the chairman says senator lincoln used official mail to send out campaign material and that is clearly a violation of federal law. we are reaching out to senator lincoln, we will have more on this developing story as we get
11:38 am
it. jenna. jenna: now to a big story in new york city, really around the world. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad using a speech to blame capitalism to blame many of the world's current problems. he just wrapped up his remarks at the u.n. that's where we finder i can shaun with the story. what did ahmadinejad have to say. >> reporter: hi, jenna it's our fault, that's what the iranian president said this morning when he addressed the summit. you have to try and cut global poverty by 50% by the year 2015. he declared that there should be a new world order, said this should be the decade for joint global governments. he said the great powers are near their end. he didn't namely -- specifically name the united states but did predict in his words that, quote, capitalism faces defeat.
11:39 am
>> the undemocratic and unjust instructors of the decision bodies in international and political fields are behind most of the phraoeuts today humanity is confronting with. the transnational corporations have caused the suffering of countless women, men and children in so many countries. >> reporter: there was mow mention of iran's nuclear program. iran continues to violate four united nation security council resolutions. the security council countries plus germany will be meeting again on the nuclear program tonight. jenna: they seem to somehow just not be included in ahmadinejad's peach. what is the reaction so far to the blame game here? >> reporter: you know it was interesting, he did get applause. every time he speaks there is a smattering of applause. this morning the chamber was largely empty for his speech. really for one of the first time in my memory the united states
11:40 am
delegation stayed. that is unusual. usually when he does address the general assembly the u.s. delegation only leaves a low level note taker, that is the equivalent of a diplomatic stphab snub. there was a demonstration across the street and down the block from the united nations. jewish and christian leaders blocked traffic to indicate their opposition to his appearance there. they had signs denouncing him. the board of rabbis said ahmadinejad should not be honored. >> someone said the reason for the holocaust is because they could get away from it. the reason he can talk about his views is he can get away with it. we are here to say, stop the mad men. what does it take to convince people that his agenda is the eradication of the west? >> reporter: ahmadinejad will speak again before the general
11:41 am
assembly on thursday. president obama will be here tomorrow. jenna: eric shawn today in new york city. thanks, eric. jon: have you seen this? chilling video as a day at the races goes horribly wrong. what caused these bleachers to collapse? the fallout from a terrifying scene caught on tape. plus, summer is not even over but kids are already making their christmas lists, and toys r us hopes their new products are on them. we will show you some of the newest toys for the holiday season coming up. [singing] ♪
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jon: get ready to have fun. it is not even halloween but we are already getting the first forecasts for the christmas shopping season. so what can retailers and especially moms and dads expect. fox business network's adam
11:45 am
shapiro is here. >> reporter: before we have fun we have to go through the numbers. this heavy breathing is not jenna lee. it's big foot. we'll tell but that in a second. deloitte put out a prediction that will see holiday sales go up about 2% this year. jon: the big accounting firm. >> reporter: $852 billion. that includes everything, food, going out with the family. excuse me a second big foot we have business to do. the number for brick and mortar retail sales, they have a different prediction it will come out actually if october. take a look at where we've been. 2,007,452,000,000,000 in sales. recovered a bit in 2009. the question is will we recover this year. we did recover back to school sales. we could have a pretty good holiday season but the numbers aren't out just yet. as long as we are talking toys. jenna: toys r us came out with this list just released today of
11:46 am
the top 15 or so. >> reporter: 36. jenna: 36 okay they had multiple lists. these are the hot toys for your kids and we have a few of them. >> reporter: can you hold that up. jenna: of course i can. >> reporter: that's ariel. if you put a blond wig on that maybe we can call it tickle me jenna. jenna: come on. >> reporter: this is for girls. i think it's three years in 8. this is one of the hot items this year. jenna: she is cute. >> reporter: i think you can enroll your daughter or niece, there is a ballroom dress that you can get. jenna: jon you can play with her, imagination. >> reporter: imagination. this is the loops, this is -- this toy should be renamed to how to annoy your parents at all hours of the morning on saturday because it makes a lot of noise. get the game going. do you remember the old. jon: wack it. >> reporter: it's a coordination thing where it tells you. can you hear that. jenna: yeah we can hear it.
11:47 am
>> reporter: try not to punch me. it will tell you, right. here we go. ready. jenna: i don't know if i'm ready. okay. >> reporter: do you have coordination jenna lee, let's find out. jenna: i'm not sure, what are you supposed to do. >> reporter: it will tell you you follow the rhythm in the light and you put your hand in. it's really supposed to annoy parents at 6:00am in the morning when the kids read up. this is big foot. jenna: it's been breathing the whole time. >> reporter: from fisher price big foot stomps around, throws tantrums, exercises and takes long naps. sounds like a member of congress. if i can get this to work,. jon: i think you have to point it right at him. >> reporter: come on big foot, give us some action here. are we low on batteries. he takes two double a batteries not included. sorry about that. jon: he was actually complaining earlier that he was low on batteries. >> reporter: he's working now, right? you know what happened the crew was playing with big foot before
11:48 am
we came on air. jenna: blame the crew. we were playing with big foot before it came on air. >> reporter: we should rename this by hen a see -- hennessey. jenna: that's pretty good. he does flips and stuff. jon: this thing is not cheap right. >> reporter: actually i saw this at a wal-mart and i had a feeling this might be one of the big gees around -- biggies around here. 60 bucks up to a hundred bucks depending where you shop for this thing. they didn't give us the prices. listen to that deep breathing. it's good exercise, jenna. let's go back to the tickle me jenna. someone come up with that doll. jenna: these are some good things, you want to take this with you. >> reporter: there you go. i know exactly where this is going. we'll take it up to the green room so the guests can all talk about that. jon: modeled after neal baranski cavuto. >> reporter: he's going to love that one. jenna: come on.
11:49 am
thank you very much. -- >> reporter: where do i go with this. jon: i don't know. the f.d.a. is holding hearings on what some are calling "frankenfish." controversial genetically engineered salmon. could they end up in your supermarket? are they safe to eat? what about other engineered foods out there? speaking of food when you think about baby carrots it probably doesn't conjure up a vision like this. >> baby carrots! baby carrot skhrabg. baby carrot! jon: yeah he's okay. america's carrot growers want to sell more of them. they are actually putting vending machines in school.
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how about a bag of carrots? will it work? we'll ask one principal. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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jon: school vending machines, you probably had them, right. jenna: we have them here. vending machines are all over the place. jon: they are often blamed for contributing to childhood obesity. jenna: some schools are finding a way to dump the junk food but keep the machines and keep the cash coming in as well. they are filling them with baby carrots, among other items. jon: are the kids actually eating them, let's talk about it with george coates. he's the assistant principal at mason high school in mason, arizona. you've had one of these machines in your school for about a week now. >> it's only been a couple of days now. jon: do the kids like it. >> it's going very well. we had it filled to about 300
11:54 am
carrot's packages, today there are a lot of empty slots. jenna: george, have you tried them? >> i have tried them. jenna: what do you think? >> witneswell, they taste wonde. jon: what next, green beans? >> i don't know, you know, you never know. i know with this campaign we could get a lot more kids actually trying these carrots, you know, the packaging is different, and with the power of suggestion we do have a lot of students that really think these carrots taste better. jon: what does it cost for a bunch of baby carrots. >> 50-cents for a package. jon: and the school gets how much of that. >> the school gets a hundred percent which we will donate to local charities. jenna: how did your school get chosen for this. >> it was part of an interview process. they came out and interviewed, and it was a win-win for both of us. jenna: we appreciate you joining us today. he's the assistant principal at
11:55 am
mason high school in ohio. they are eating a lot of carrots, that can't be a bad thing. jon: beats a candy bar for sure. hope it catches fire. >> thank you. jenna: have you noticed some trouble on twitter? it could be a real problem for your computer. we are going to goin' depth you don't want to miss that. she claims she was the victim of a horrible attack, that acid was thrown in her face. she is facing charges. we'll tell you why. the recession may be over but millions of americans have big problems with regard to the struggling housing market. we have an expert. you can send us your questions on the housing market at see you in just a moment. (announcer) energy security. climate protection. challenges as vast as the space race a generation ago. and tal to global security. to reach this destination,
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and with the new healthcare law, more good things are coming: free check-ups, lower prescription costs, and better ways to protect us and medicare from fraud. see what else is new. i think you're gonna like it. ♪ jenna: hi everybody, thank you for joining us in our
11:59 am
second houror "happening now p-rpbgs i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott, the tea party, picking up steel and getting a major boost, just six weeks before election day, an anonymous donor is pumping a million dollars into a fund for local tea party organizations. steve centanni is reporting live with more on that from washington. steve. >> reporter: well, they are. they got this donation, they would not say much about the donor, he wants to remain anonymous, butsy a single donor, an entrepreneur and business person who supports the tea party goal of fiscal responsibility and smaller government. the money will be used by hundreds of local grassroots organizations affiliated with the tea party, to help get out the vote but not to support any individual candidate. as one organizer put t. this all about momentum. >> so the goal is to provide capital to capital starved organization toss let them double down and triple down on what they have so that the values we profess as an organization can have the most possible impact during this cycle. >> reporter: organizers
12:00 pm
also say they'll encourage tea party activists to take the president up on his challenge yesterday to spell out exactly how they would cutting, so they're going to tell him, jon. jon: steve centanni in washington, thank you. jenna: steve just told us a little about the tea party flexing its political muscle , as maybe a force to be reckoned with come november. joining us is our senior political analyst bright hume for more on this. brit, i say say maybe because it seems like there's a pendulum when it comes to the tea party, within the own one hand, people disregarding the movement, on the other hand, people saying thoughth is a force to be reckoned with for years to come. what's your take on it? >> certainly in this election the tea party is maybe the singlemost important element. the tea party is a freehend -- tremendous source not only of votes but of enthusiasm. this is a -- the tea party represents energy, it represents turnout, it
12:01 pm
represents enthusiasm, and these are all vital in a midterm election when turnout is not nearly as what it is in a presidential election. so the tea party is a key factor here, and dealing with its demands and concerns is a priority, it's a challenge for the republicans, but an even bigger challenge, of course, for the democrats, who are in power and against whom the tea party is reacting. jenna: when you look at the candidates, the candidates backed by the tea party, we're going to show the audience a few of them, christine o'donnell, joe miller, rand paul, marco rubio. of the candidates, who do you mind the -- find the most provocative and who do you think is actually going to win a seat? >> the one that looks to be the most controversial nominee of course is christine o'donnell in delaware and she's down in the polling to the democratic candidate there. the other three that you cite there, they're all ahead in their races, or
12:02 pm
very close. marco rubio, who is -- he may be considered a tea party candidate, he is, of course, not exactly a political outsider, he's former speaking of the assembly in florida, and a lot of people think he's one of the brightest young stars in the republican party, and the kind of person who could someday emerge as a presidential candidate, he looks like he's well ahead now, so at least three of the four candidates you mentioned are doing very well. christine o'donnell is behind, but jenna, in you -- if you get the wave election this could turn out to be where you have this just sun ami of votes turning out on the republican side, all kinds of people who might even be behind will get swept into office and she could be one of them. jenna: it will be interesting to watch. we've heard different reports about how the white house looks to handle quote unquote the tea party, everything from "the new york times" saying they're going to directly campaign or take on the tea party to the white house saying that's not the case. but i want to get your expert opinion on something we saw yesterday in the town hall meeting that the president was at.
12:03 pm
go ahead and play this sound bite and i'll ask you a question about it. >> i'm also a mother, i'm a wife, i'm an american veteran, and i'm one of your middle class americans, and quite frankly, i'm exhausted. i'm exhausted of defending of, defending your administration, defending the man for change that i voted for and deeply disappointed with where we are right now. jen that was vel ma hart a. concerned citizen, we have no idea what her political affiliation is. if you look at that voter, do you look at that voter as a lost voter or a disillusioned one? >> i would imagine that that woman voted for barack obama, voted for the hope and change that he represented in the campaign. or at least the voters that supported him felt he represented, and she is an interesting combination, because most of the energy and disillusionment with this president or disaffection from this president is coming from the center and right. she appears to be one of the people, and there's a
12:04 pm
certain number of them, who are disappointed on the left, and this is a significant problem for the democrats in this election, because barack obama rode into office on a wave of voter enthusiasm from the center but more than that, from the left. they got a tremendous voter response in terms of turnout, a lot of new voters, huge participation in the election by african-americans, virtually every single one of them supporting president obama. that is not likely to be present in this president, and if you have people who had supported president obama like that woman, and my sense is she did, who are diillusion dollars, are they going to get out and work and turn out to vote to support democrats in this election? i think it's dubious. jenna: it's a question of whether or not they get out and vote for anybody. if you're the white house, though, again, more reports this morning about a shakeup, maybe a shakeup in the economic team. do you think that's what it's going to take for the white house to show that maybe they're turning a new leaf?
12:05 pm
>> well, this is the interesting question, jenna. even if the republicans don't gain control of either house in this election, the political landscape in washington will be dramatically changed, the huge majority that the democrats and president have enjoyed in both houses will be wiped away, they'll have a smaller majority or no majority at all and this will occasion a challenge for the the president. the question will be can be adapt as bill clinton did in 1994 and win the election handily or will this president prove not able to do that. it will be interesting to watch what happens with his economic team, and he more or less indicate that same interview, same event you just showed a minute ago, that members of his economic team will be leaving. the other question, of course, will be who fills rahm emanuel's job as chief of staff when, as expected, rahm emanuel leaves to run for mayor of chicago. that will tell us a lot. personnel is policy in a sense and if the president is going to move towards the center of the candidates who
12:06 pm
were chosen for those jobs, it may tell us that, or suggest otherwise. jenna: a lot of moving parts we'll look forward to watching them with you brit. thank you for coming today. >> thank you for having me. jon: have you checked your twitter account today? if so, you may have encountered some huge problems. started out a a simple way for friends to communicate. it is now one of the world's best marketing tools, that website. and one of the most popular on the web. we're at the fox business desk with shabni. >> a hundred million users on twitter, 340,000 people we're day. actually -- actually sign up on twitter so this has the potential to affect -- millions of people. we don't know how many were impacted. here's what happened. around 9:00 a.m., twitter uses started to notice unusual activity, they noticed things like getting messages from people they didn't know, sending out messages to people that they didn't know and even getting redirect to third party websites, including some
12:07 pm
pornographic sites as well. now, twitter acknowledged the issue right around 9:45 eastern time, and very quickly resolved the issue, by 10:00 a.m. on the company 's site, they said the issue has been acknowledged, it has been solved, they issued a security patch but certainly yet another red flag, on not just sites like twitter but any place where your private and secure information is listed. jon: so hackers got in there and you had to be logged on to your twitter account to be affected? >> the way the security flaw worked is there was some sort of malicious code on a twitter page and when you rolled your mouse over it, you didn't even have to click on anything, you just simply rolled your mouse over it, the flaw started to unravel and you started to get redirect to sites, getting messages and it basically hijacked your twitter site and you couldn't do anything about it. jon: i'm sure you'll be looking at this stuff throughout the day. >> absolutely. jenna: brand new information this hour that shows new housing construction is actually on the rise.
12:08 pm
the commerce department reporting that housing starts last month increased 10 1/2%, and that's the highest level we've seen in about four-months. but we don't have to tell you that the real estate market is still very weak. we have banks sitting on huge inventories of unsold homes. it's tough to know what's going on in this market. phil keating is live from miami, florida, definitely being beat up by this housing crisis. in this area, how much real estate in this area is bank owned? >> considering it's a handful of very large banks that own all of these properties it truly is an extraordinary amount of real estate. analysts say, estimate, that 33 percent of 40 percent of the nation's real estate properties are owned by this small group of big banks, in some states, it could be as high as 50 percent, so it totals nationally to about a million properties right now, and many of these properties are also on the shadow market, meaning they're not for sale, technically, not officially listed anywhere, but they
12:09 pm
are officially available if you go in there and you know what you're looking for. jenna: phil, if the banks decide they don't want to keep some of those houses on their books, do they start unloading these properties and what happens when they do that? >> reporter: there is a concern in the market that that could happen. after all, all of these properties that the banks own, most of them came from distressed developers or distressed owners, foreclosures, well, they cost a lot of money per month to maintain these properties, associations, landscaping, maintenance of the properties, and all of that adds up, especially when you own tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of these properties. however, analysts believe that the banks will not just suddenly unload everything and drive down the market with oversupply and little demand because they liken it to the cold war in the '80s between the soviet union and the united states when nobody wanted to be the first to press that red button. jenna: that's a good comparison, phil. thank you very much, phil keating for us in miami today. we're going to stay on top
12:10 pm
of this housing market story for you. we're going to take a closer look at some of these brand new numbers and why banks are actually holding off on foreclosures. what does this mean for the struggling homeowner, also the industry that sparked the recession? we're going tackle those questions, and he also want your questions as well. if you have any questions about the real estate market, the housing market overall, send them to us, "happening now", fox news.cole, and we're going to try answer some of them for you on the air in a little bit. jon: there is some new info into the fox news room about that shooting incident at fort bliss in texas. authorities are now releasing the identity of the shooter. harris faulkner is on it from the breaking news desk. >> reporter: his name is steven croft, a retired army sergeant, 63 years old, a civilian at the time of the shooting but has a military background. obviously. what military police and the fbi are saying today is that they have no way of knowing yet, and it's part of their investigation, whether he had any connection with his victims at the shop-ette
12:11 pm
convenient store at fort bliss in el paso. we're hoping to learn more at a news conference that we're watching and wait for that's scheduled a couple of hours from now. the fbi is taking over this case because this is a civilian killing on a military base. the two women who were shot reportedly in the head, one passed away at the hospital, the other is said to be in the hospital still in el paso, suffering some serious injuries. the department of army law and enforcement guard respond third minutes. that's another new piece of information today, that the fbi is wanting to put out, that they got there very quickly, and this gunman was put down very quickly. but in the end, one woman was dead. so in about two hours, we should learn more on this situation. fort bliss, el paso, texas, a very tough time on that army military base today. back to you guys. jon: harris faulkner, thanks. jenna: a young woman who told a police a stranger threw acid in her face and then admitted she did it to herself is facing serious legal consequences.
12:12 pm
a live update on that. a deadly helicopter crash in afghanistan and a large number of americans among the dead. we have a live report straight ahead. stick with us.
12:13 pm
12:14 pm
12:15 pm
jon: a frightening scene in brazil, as bleachers packed with fans give way at a race track. take a look at this incredible video that captures the moment: >> the stands collapsed like a house of cards. police say more than 100 spectators were hurt, 22 of them, critically injured. some of those victims, treated right there on the scene the other spectators frantically searched for their loved ones. there's no word on exactly what caused the collapse. the investigation is still underway. jenna: right now the taliban claiming it shot down a nato helicopter in southern afghanistan, killing nine service members. the nato saying there are no reports of hostile fire in
12:16 pm
the area. conor powell is working this story, streaming live from kabul with more. conor. >> reporter: nato says this was not brought down by taliban insurgent fire. they're still trying to pinpoint exactly what did bring this helicopter down. they believe it probably was mechanical, though they are investigateing it and trying to figure it out. helicopter crashes are somewhat common here, there have been several in afghanistan this year alone, due in part to the environment and the ongoing battle in afghanistan. the military says nine u.s. soldiers were killed in the zabul province, near kandahar, an area where the taliban is very strong, but as i said, the military does not think that it was taliban fire that brought down this helicopter. three other people were also injured in the helicopter crash, including one american civilian. what the military -- the military has not said what these guys were out there doing, what time the helicopter crashed or
12:17 pm
exactly how it came down. they're all trying to figure this out. but these deaths brings the total foreign troops killed in afghanistan to 529 for this year alone, a new record, a very grim record here in afghanistan. the record is 521 in 12 months, and this was set in only ten minutes. the military has -- ten months. the military has said this would be a bloody and dangerous year and this sums it up. jenna: thank you very much, conor powell. jon: iran held sarah shourd in prison for a year, often in solitary confinement. she's home but her two friends remain in jail. what are the prospects for the release and what's it like for americans held prisoner in iran? plus a request to put genetically modified salmon into the food chain. that is sparking all kinds of safety concerns. see the big one in the back?
12:18 pm
some fall him frankenfish, the same age as the smaller one in front. why this is causing such a big stir.
12:19 pm
12:20 pm
12:21 pm
jenna: finally breaking news right now, the woman who admitted faking an acid attack is charged with thousands of dollars in -- with receiving thousands of dollars in donations. >> reporter: remember when the story broke and everybody was heart was broken? in the local area of vancouver washington, they opened their hearts and wallets to the tune of $28,000 now the clark county prosecutor says that's grounds for issuing an arrest warrant for bethany soro. remember she garnered sympathy because she said somebody in a starbucks parking lot slashed acid on
12:22 pm
her face. she is still hospitalized, by the way. then she admitted she had done this to herself, she possibly wanted to commit suicide, decided she at least want to change her appearance. of course she had no way to know this is how she'd turn out. nevertheless the prosecutor in clark county said you know what, people donated, then you gave a news conference that somebody attacked you, you spent a whole lot of taxpayer dollars, too. per hair -- her parents agreed to repay the mope but that doesn't reverse the charges against her. bethany, first a victim, and now under an arrest warrant when she gets out of the hospital, according to a clark county prosecutor. jenna: thank you, harris. jon: "happening now", a decision that could affect the food you put on your table. the federal government is considering approval of a new genetically modified supersalmon that would be of course for human consumption. it would mark if approved the first time a designer
12:23 pm
animal is allowed on the u.s. food market. but critics are warning, there is no proof these fish are safe for humans or the environment at large. joining us now is sonzan, lead scientist for the nature conservancy. this is an interesting study. we have that picture that we can put up that shows people what this is, two salmon of the same age, one of them, the big one in the back there, has been modified with a gene from an eel? >> yeah, eel-like fish, called a pout. jon: they managed to put this gene into the salmon's genetic ski quence and what's it do? >> makes that salmon grow twice as fast, makes it eat voraciously and double its size. jon: obviously you're getting a bigger salmon, you know, in less time. >> right. jon: more meat. >> right. jon: what's wrong with that? >> nothing genetic, generically wrong with that. there are a couple of risks. one is environmental risk. eve been wheat -- we've been
12:24 pm
eating salmon for hundreds of thousands of years, humans have, we know it's safe. we've never eaten it with another species, making it do something different so there are cumulative problems that can happen over time. jon: but the other fish is not poisonous or anything like that. >> but we're making that salmon produce a growth hormone that is going to -- that may have long term effects on us. the second problem, of course, is environmental. these fish get out, with the wild salmon stocks, then we have genetically improving those wild salmon stocks. salmon is good for you, it needs cold water, they do fantastically well, so it seems like thiso oel well, while it's important to stud agree and look at may not ab great solution in the long run. jon: but the fish would be farm-raised, they wouldn't be in the wild. >> everything we try to farm raise manages to escape. that's what's great about nature, it finds a way out. so when you take something
12:25 pm
and -- when you say it's safe, they tend to break out. jon: but you know, humans have been crossing horses with doves and you get a mule, thaef been doing that for years. >> we've been doing genetic mutations for -- and there's nothing genericcle wrong with trying to improve eels by looking at genetics. in this case it is a little different because we're taking one specific sequence from one animal and moving it to the other and all i'm saying is the long term risks are unknown. jon: would you eat it? >> if a friend of mine served it to me, i wouldn't eat it but i would not prefer it. there's great wild salmon to eat. jon: thank you. >> thank you. jenna: the air waves over the attack ads and the red hot race for governor in florida, what's true, what's not? we'll sort it out for you. sarah shourd, she leaves us to ask the question
12:26 pm
what's it like to spend a year behind bars in tehran? insight from two other american women who had been jailed in iran. that's just ahead.
12:27 pm
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12:29 pm
jenna: the countdown is on until midterm elections and the race for governor in california is turning into a political soap opera. a campaign war between democrat jerry brown and republican meg whitman, hitting air waves across
12:30 pm
that state, but with all the negative ads, how can voters know the difference between the truth and the spin? william la jeunesse has been looking at this, live for us in los angeles. hi william. >> reporter: jenna, the short answer is they don't. by law, broadcasters are required to run political ads uncensored, provided they're sourced, even if they believe they are untrue. that is certainly true here in california, where jerry brown is portrayed as this tired old labor hack, and meg whitman is the corporate towed, who will say and pay anything to win. >> wouldn't it be nice if every time meg whitman told a lie her nose would grow? >> unlike pinocchio, however, lieing is not so obvious in california's gubernatorial race. >> she raised taxes as governor of california, he had a surplus when he took office and decifit when he left. >> whitman says -- she spent millions saying jerry brown wastes taxes.
12:31 pm
>> true, false or just misleading? >> if you're looking for truth, don't watch political ads. sometimes they tell the truth but they almost never tell the whole truth. >> in '60s, brown enters politics and later served two terms as governor, he had big spending with a surplus and a billion dollars decifit. >> misleading, because it fails to say voters helped create the decifit. >> the legislateure had to backfill and raise money to pay local jurisdictions like schools, and so taxes did go up. >> meanwhile, special interests are going after whitman's record as ceo at ebay. >> what's her record as ceo? overhead spending, up, 2000 percent. fees, hiked, six times in six years. >> true, but the ad lacks context. ebay grew from 138, to more than 15,000 employees. >> obviously, she started with a small company and
12:32 pm
obviously the company spent a lot more money when she left. she ran a very successful company. >> reporter: that last ad is laughable, trying it portray whitman as failed ceo, and the harvard business review calls her one of the best so of her time. another ad that's untrue, bill clinton's spot about jerry brown, turns out, jenna, when you incorporate inflation and population gains, taxes went down. then for brown to claim i created 1.8 million jobs, well, of course, california doubled -- well, i'll exaggerating there, california population went up a huge amount during that time. but that ad is very effective, which is why the whitman campaign will not withdraw it, even though bill clinton says okay, i was wrong. jenna. jenna: those political ads may not be the best source of accurate information but they are sure fun to watch, especially with that pinocchio! william, thank you very much. william la jeunesse in l.a., thank you. jon: the american hiker freed after more than a year, locked up in iran, is pleading for the release of her two friends who are
12:33 pm
still in jail there. sarah shourd says the experience left deep scars. national security correspondence jennifer griffin reporting live from the pentagon. what is it like, jennifer, inside iran's prison system? >> jon, we decided that since president ahmadinejad was going around new york giving inter ruse to television station toss remind people that are there are still at least three americans being held in a tehran prison and these two women that i interviewed, two americans released last year and the year before that are able to say things sarah shourd couldn't. roxanne was an american skwr*urpb list, she describes the sheer psychological torture of being held in iran. >> when i was taken there, i looked at the entrance to one of the buildings where i was told to get out of the car, i had to put on a white blindfold, kind of dirty blindfold, and follow one of the intelligence agents down
12:34 pm
a hallway and up the stairs, and you know, i was kind of confused, i didn't know which direction i was going because i was blindfolded. >> she essentially told me that the width of her cell was as wide as her arms and no bigger t. a concrete cell and were not given pen or paper while in solitary confinement, jon. jon: she wasn't the only american held? >> that's right, hola asandiari was an american academic, held in solitary confinement for 105 days, she wrote a book about her experience. here's how she described her solitary confinement: >> i was in solitary confinement. there was not a worse day. every single day of the 105 days were terrible, were awful, because i was cut off from the rest of the world, i was in solitary
12:35 pm
confinement. >> it's important to remember that there still are two american male hikers who are in prison in tehran, but also, a former fbi agent, robert levenson, who was last heard from -- who hasn't been heard from in more than two years, all pawn necessary a larger game, jon. jon: just a programming note, sarah shourd, the woman whose two companions are being held but herself was released after more than a year, she's going to be our guest on "happening now" on friday. jenna: we're looking forward to having her. also new information in the death of denver broncos wide receiver kenny mckinley. sad story, harris. do you have more information? >> reporter: the broncos coach has made a statement recently and is expected to meet shortly with reporters. he said kenny had a promising future on the football field but more importantly he was a great team ate whose smile and personality could light up a room.
12:36 pm
it's a tragic loss for our football team, and prayers going out to his family during this difficult time. that's from broncos coach josh mcdaniels, mckinley was in his second season, he played in eight games last year, his rookie season, before he suffered a knee injury. in fact he started out 2010, just a month ago when the season began on injured reserve. he's a wide receiver for the denver broncos. greatly missed today. and now it's being reported -- it had been, but authorities saying this apparently happened, a self-inflicted gunshot wound. mckinley was found in his second floor master bedroom of his home by a female friend who had discovered the body after returning from an engineer and with his child. the sheriff is declining to say whether or not there was a suicide note left in all of this but they are investigates as they always do, even though this is an apparent suicide, just to make sure that they know all of the ins and outs of this, but kenny mckinley, just 23 years old and the coach expert to say some words to
12:37 pm
reporters shortly. back to you guys. jenna: we'll look forward to those comments, thank you. jon: there's a new wrinkle in the housing market to tell you about, involving a giant lender. what this could mean for those whose homes are being foreclosed upon. plus, the coast guard, showing off new weapon toss keep us safe in the war on terror. we're going to take you live to california for a look.
12:38 pm
12:39 pm
12:40 pm
jenna: some brand new numbers today show an unexpected jump in home construction but the houses market -- housing market is still in trouble, we're now seeing reports that banks are holding off on foreclosing. why would they do that and what would it mean for the housing describe if they didn't? an adjunct professor at wharton, stand, the report was gmac, this although i'd bank that was really borne out of the bailout is not going to foreclose over the
12:41 pm
temp raerl stopped foreclosure necessary 20 states. why would tko* that? >> indications are there may be legal issues that have to be resolved. it's a complicated process. i think we've seen over the course of the last couple of years, to actually move through a foreclosure, to potentially take a home away from a family -- from a family, what we see is in some states, florida amongst them, new york, the lender has to proceed very, very carefully. but what that does mean is that, you know, any homeowners, any families out there who are really looking at the possibility of potentially losing their home, they have some recourse there, that the court system is going to ensure that things are being done by the book, things are being done kaeufplt it is complicated and that's exaggerated this, foreclosure process. jenna: it seems like a takes a long time. >> it does. jenna: even with the delay, it's 30 days or 60 days or something like that. why is it taking so long, and also, what does that mean for really, our housing market health?
12:42 pm
can we really tell where we're at if there are so many homes in flux? >> the housing market is generally still very, very slow and we haven't seen the kinds of gains andoffments and housing outcomes. we don't have the stability in pricing, the stability in sales and new starts activity. jenna: how do you know what anything is worth? >> it's decrease of the in economics we call it price discovery and it's difficult to understand value, what is my home worth, when it may be the case that the only other sale on your block is someone who did lose their home through foreclosure. you know, what's it really like, what kind of value can my house command if i decide to list it and someone who wants to own my home comes up and buys it in a regular sale? jenna: when it comes to price discovery, what do we discover it, when do we see consistency in the housing market? >> it depends so much on our ability to create jobs in the economy and that is a big, open question. it's a difficult one. but without those jobs, there isn't the economic support for people to be homeowners.
12:43 pm
we know that mortgage rates remain near their historic lows and we still don't have people coming to the housing market. the starts numbers are up, we need to be very careful there, when we look closely, we see it's multi family apartment buildings that are starting to take off, not single family owned. >> we had view theirs wrote in, and teresa was asking about what responsible homeowners can do. a lot of home openers know they're still under water, if they bought their home really in the last decade. what should they do? >> it's difficult. if you are under water and you're with your mortgage, relative to where you think value might be, but you're still able to make your payments every month, then i think many of the programs out there aren't designed to really help you get into a good loan to value position. if you're able to make your payments, i think the expectation is that you'll continue to make your payments. jenna: it's a tough pill to swallow when you see the values of the homes in your neighborhood go down. >> absolutely. jenna: there's another question, ed from
12:44 pm
albuquerque, talking about how to find a good mortgage modification program. not only wr-rbgs but what should someone be something when looking for a mortgage modification? >> on the policy side, early in year, 2009, so many programs had been promulgated, really put out there in the market to help people stay in their homes, help people who have maybe taken a hit to their income because one of the heads of household versus lost their job. it's a very difficult situation. those programs, we didn't see the uptake, the kind of participation. jenna: is that the fault of the government? >> there's a learning process. some of these programs -- >> jenna: very diplomatic. >> there's a learning process for everyone. the banks, policymakers outside of washington, people on the ground who are really having to implement these things. one thing i might suggest is that even if you found that in trying to work with your bank or pursuing some of these programs, you can get a lot of traction, you can get very far, maybe six months, a year ago, it's worth going back. jenna: go back, try it again, even when you haven't gotten that return call.
12:45 pm
sam, thank you very much, appreciate your expertise. jon. jon: jenna, just into the newsroom, utah officials say a wildfire could flare up again potentially threatening homes in a salt lake city suburb, that fire originally began on sunday, after machine gunfire during a training exercise at an army national guard base ignited nearby brush. three homes, already destroyed, nearly seven square miles of land, burned. the national guard there took responsibility for starting the fire. the guard conducted live fire exercises despite high wind warnings. we're going to bring you any developments or video as it comes in but this fire is expected to flare up. and this report out of california. los angeles times is reporting that eight people have been arrested in los angeles county in relation to that huge pay scandal in the city of bell, california "america live" there are much more on this developing story at the top of the hour. jenna: lindsey lohan spent
12:46 pm
two weeks in jail, a month of rehab but apparently it wasn't enough. why she could end up behind bars again. we have lilo lowdown. jon: and safe from terrorist threats -- >> we're live on board a boat that's meant for counterterrorism in the country's largest port. we'll have that live for you, as well as johnny ringo, coming up on fox.
12:47 pm
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12:49 pm
megyn: hey everybody i'm megyn kel yes, harry reid loves new york's junior senator kirsten gillebrand, publicly praising her as hot. now feminists are calling him sexist. we investigate. plus is the white house now targeting private companies that buy ads opposing president obama's
12:50 pm
polices? is your tax information at risk if you speak up against him? a government watchdog group called christine o'donnell a crook and embezler, saying she belongs in jail, not the senate. is that proof or politics? >> ace police chase has cops divided, how one man is trying to break the code blue. see new ten minutes. jon: a new antiterror weapon for one of the nation's busiest ports a. high tech 55-foot vessel that can scan a cargo ship through hole as it pulls into port, looking for nuclear materials that might be on board. also a canine team that can sniff out chemical and biological agents. o*u adam housely is live on the beat, live at the port of los angeles, long beach, in long beach, california. adam. >> reporter: jon, we're cruising to the port right now. what we're talking about is some of the most technical items and some of the least technical items. whatever they are, they are one of the items, this boat, 5 feet, as well as the
12:51 pm
chemical sniffing dog we'll show new a moment. behind me look at the massive carrier being loaded up as we speak, this one headed overseas. it's this type of protection that is a necessity because if this port was to be shut down by most estimates it could cost up to $1 billion a day. on water, in the air, and on four legs, a combination of federal, state and local law enforcement deploys the most advanced detection team in the world. to protect the l.a. long beach port complex against a possible terrorist attack. >> this particular patrol boat is outfitted to help us detect nuclear weapons, radiological dispersed weapons at sea and also has a chemical warfare agent detector on the boat as well. >> the $3 million boat, two -- $220,000 pod for the helicopter and the chemical sniffing dog are first of their kind anywhere. protecting a port complex that's been i.d.ed as a
12:52 pm
terror target with 40 percent of all u.s. imports passing through here. >> so much of the u.s. economy runs through this port that we know that it's not just -- we're not just protecting the port, we're helping out with the entire country. >> reporter: once again, this is a joint operation, where it's just used by -- not just the sheriff's department but the coast guard, as the team can go on board and monitor what's happening, and really push the limits out off shore, as far as 20 miles, for example, if they dot some sort of threat. talking about johnny ringo, as high tech as it is here, we're talking about low tech here. this dog is the only chemical sniffing dog in the world, and we're going to have wayne garpini, in charge of johnny, what's it like to know this dog is the only one like him in the world, he can go on boats and potentially save thousands of people from having to deal with a chemical weapon? >> i feel privileged to work with him and get that opportunity to work with the sheriff's department and
12:53 pm
have this responsibility. >> reporter: tkwr is -- why is he the only one in the world? because it's so hard to train a dog like this? >> it's hard to train, and the technology, the personnel that has to be able to back him up. it's very technical. >> reporter: and to give it back to you guys, they couldn't send him in if they knew there were chemicals released, of course. he would sniff any possible chemicals on board and go into what's marred. johnny is the only dog in the sheriff's department what that has his own badge, guys. jon: esacool looking lab, i guess, is he a labrador? looks like a lab. >> he's a lab, right? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: he's a lab, and he's very tame a. great dog. all the canine units are always great dogs but he's good to have on board and doesn't get sea sick. >> and he's sleepy, he wants a nap. >> he wants a nap! bye guys. jenna: remember this guys? a father striking a nerve, storming a school bus, giving a tongue lashing to the kids bullying his
12:54 pm
disabled daughter. why he's striking a different tone now. that's just ahead. lindsey has another date with the judge. lindsey lohan will find out if she's due for a trip back to the big house. ♪
12:55 pm
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jenna: lindsay lohan ordered to appear in a beverly hills courtroom again this week on friday. the fox 411 in our newsroom. say it ain't so. >> reporter: yeah, her fate lies with judge eld done fox. i'll decide whether she gets more jail time for reportedly failing two drug tests while on probation. we talked with legal experts who think the judge will sent her back to the klink for 45 days. and this it's likely she will have to serve her sentence immediately. he could send her back to inch
12:58 pm
patient rehab or do nothing at all. one of her friends tells fox 411 that she is doing great but she is too under the microscope and have friends that sell her out. others tell us lindh deis in deep denial and does drugs because she is board. an insider said when lindsey got out of rehab last month she had good intentions but then all of her so-called friends were doing drugs around her and she slipped. our source spotted her looking pretty out of it at a club recently and says she is still blaming others and really needs to surround herself with positive people who want her to stay clean. no response from her publicist on this. we know from her last sweet that she has acknowledged her set back and is prepared to face the consequences. jon: the first time it was alcohol and she said someone spilled a drink on her alcohol monitoring bracelet, right? this time it was cocaine so -- >> reporter: people, places and things, jon, that's the number one rule in recovery. have you to get away from the
12:59 pm
bad influences. jon: yeah, maybe there was some cocaine in her vacuum cleaner and it somehow wound up in her bloodstream. i'm not sympathetic, can you tell. >> reporter: i'm all for her recovering, that's for sure. jenna: we like a come back, that's the way to leave it. fox 411 by the way. jon: she has proclaimed herself a very fine actress. jenna: a lot of people say she is. the fun see thing is if she does go to jail does that mean california pay for her stay? the taxpayers fund some of that stuff. jon: maybe they will put her up in a hilton. jenna: don't bring up paris. did you have to go there. jon: okay. sorry. jenna: thanks for joining us, everybody. jon: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert out of bell, california, where four city officials involved in a fat cat salary scandal are now under arrest. hi, everybody, i'm megyn kelly on a tuesday, welcome to "america live." according to report those


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